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A fashionable pashmina scarf, wrap or shawl is the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit. Only a few pashminas

About Pashmina

Only in the highlands of the Himalayas, is the softest wool found in nature. Often known as the fiber of the King, Pashmina wool was worm by Moghul Emperors & Imported for 18th century aristocrats. This Indigenous craft has managed to survive by local trades man who consider this regal fabric as precious as jewels. It is said to be eight times warmer than sheep wool. The Pashmina fiber is derived from the mountain goat Capra hircus (locally called CHYANGRA), which is native to the Himalayan belt, around & above 14,000 feet above sea level. The Pasham is the fine inner (under) growth over which the goat has another layer of thick & coarse dead fibers. The Pashm is profusely mixed up with these dead fibers. It is hand gathered with a special comb each goat produces 3-8 ounces of wool annually. It is an extremely complicated technique to extricate pure Pasham from the beds of the coarser dead fibers into which the real fiber is deeply embedded. Unless fibers are cleaned up to 98% purity before hand spinning, the unique texture of Pashmina doesn't emerge. Having studied the genesis of this unique natural gift to Humanity for decade the Nepalese Pashmina manufacturers have been involved with a determination to revive the heritage of Nepalese Pashmina craft with the ancient zeal. As the demand of such precious materials has increased the raw material is not available in own country, hence Chinese Pashmina yarns are depended highly to meet the demand in the exportation. Chinese white Cashmere yarn is world famous in quality & softness, which has been presently using by prestigious fabric production unit all over the world.
Pashmina is so softness & hand-made product. It commonly used as shawl, scarf, blanket, bed-covers, sofa-covers & nowdays, coming up with garments like night gown for men & women, inner linings for coats & waist-coats & ladies T -shirt, skirts & many more items.
PASHMINA CARE : Beautiful Pashmina shawls, scarves & wraps should give a lifetime of pleasure & comfort. Cleaning Pashmina: With proper care our Pashmina shawls, wraps & scarves will maintain their look & increase in softness long after other Pashminas wear out. Our Pashmina garments are not brushed to make them softer. Because pashmina shawls & other garments are woven entirely by hands, they are extremely delicate and could get spoilt when washing if proper care is not taken.
Professional dry cleaning is the best way to clean the shawls, wraps & scarves. Cleaning them in washing machines can distort the shape & the quality of the garments. Dry Clean is the safest way to care the Pashmina.
Directions for hand washing: Brush gently to remove excess fiber Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent soap or low ph hair shampoo Place on a towel and roll up to gently squeeze out excess water To dry the pashmina garment, place it on a flat surface and let it air dry. Lightly stretch & level the edges to retain its original shape. Use a soft brush width-wise to give the garment a soft and fluffy feel, lightly press with a steam iron. While brushing Pashmina, use only a very soft brush with mild and soft strokes. BEWARE - hard brushing will wear out pure Pashmina.